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Seamless Gutter | Shawn Horsman

Seamless Gutter

5″ & 6″ Seamless Gutter:

We offer a variety of options to fit your gutter requirements from maintenance of existing gutter to tear down and installation of new gutter. No matter how complicated the design of your house is, Horsman Seamless Gutters has a solution.

Our seamless gutter is formed from a coil of sheet metal, available in aluminum, steel or copper, that is ran through our gutter machine. The machine has rollers inside that form the coil into a seamless gutter. This allows us to cut the gutter to any length required which minimizes seams that tend to leak over time. We also cut every mitre (corner) by hand rather than using pre-fabricated corners or strip mitres. By doing this, the gutter looks cleaner, has fewer leaks, and saves you money in the long run.

Curved Copper SoffitQuality Installation:

Don’t forget about the quality! Horsman Seamless Gutters has been installing every type of gutter available for the last 15 years and with our extensive experience, we can guarantee your gutters will be installed the right way every time.

In order to drain the water properly, the gutter has to slope towards the downspout. If not done correctly, water and/or ice will fill up the gutter with nowhere to go except into your home and/or foundation. We use a level and check the gutter every 5 to 10 feet to ensure that the gutter has the proper drainage while maintaining the esthetics of your home.

Custom Copper Gutter & Downspout

Custom Copper Gutter & Downspout


Our downspouts come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials to choose from. The most common sizes are the standard 2″ x 3″ or the larger 3″ x 4″ rectangular downspouts. There are also 3” and 4” round downspouts that come smooth or corrugated which work great for the custom homes/properties that want a unique look and feel. For commercial projects, we can custom fabricate downspouts for whatever your need may be.

Liter Heads:

When looking for a custom look, consider adding liter heads/collector boxes to your downspouts. They will create an elegant and sophisticated feel to your home/property and can be custom made to any size, shape, or material.

Gutter Covers & Cleaning

Gutter Covers & Cleaning

Gutter Covers & Cleaning:

After spending your hard earned money on a new gutter system, you should make sure they stay in tip-top shape. Over time, your gutter tends to fill up with leaves and debris that leads to clogged downspouts. When this happens water goes wherever it can (usually over the gutters) and will eventually cause damage to the inside of the house and/or foundation. Horsman Seamless Gutters recommends that cleanings be done 1-2 per year, typically in the fall season. For those who don’t want to worry about yearly cleanings, we can install gutter protection/covers.


We can install/fabricate all styles of downspouts including open face, closed face, or required size for the project. We also fabricate and install scupper boxes, liter heads, flashing of all sizes and shapes (including parapet cap flashing), and are very well versed in sheet metal roofing.

Soffit & Fascia

Soffit & Fascia

Fascia & Soffit:

For pure curb appeal nothing beats the clean lines of new fascia and soffit custom fit to your house’s design. We can repair, replace, and preserve existing soffit and fascia to give your house that manicured look it deserves.

Fascia is the flat board or surface where the seamless gutter is attached to and the soffit is on the underside of the cornice or eave that is usually attached to the fascia. There are many different types of soffit and fascia such as wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl.

Horsman Seamless Gutters can install, repair, or replace any style of fascia or soffit you might have. When combined with a complete gutter installation, this allows us to keep the price down and the quality up, leaving the middleman out of the picture.